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Winner Experience Recap: Win a Trip to Life is Beautiful Festival and Hang with PVRIS in Vegas

Apr 19th, 2019

The Ally Coalition teamed up with PVRIS to give one lucky winner the chance to not only attend Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas as a VIP, but also to hang out with PVRIS!

Samantha Kowalski and her friend Tina, went straight from a PVRIS show in LA to the festival! Below Samantha talks about her experience.

Propeller: How did you find out about Propeller and what type of actions did you complete to earn points towards winning this experience?

Samantha: I found out about Propeller through my friend, Tina, who I took on the trip with me. She had heard about this contest and had me sign up and she said that no matter what, we would win this, and we did! I signed up for Propeller Premier so I could donate, as well as earn double points for every action. I watched every video, signed every petition, followed/liked every page on Twitter and Facebook, shared every post, and did everything until there was nothing left. I bought several t-shirts, a bracelet, a bag, and stickers. I had everyone I knew and everyone they knew sign up through my referral link. And I also donated to several different charities along the way. I honestly did the most I could to win!

Propeller: What was the highlight of your time in Las Vegas?

Samantha: Definitely meeting PVRIS! It was the best day of my life.

Propeller: Did you meet PVRIS? How was this experience?

Samantha: Yes I met PVRIS! It was incredible. My friend and I were able to just stand around and talk with Lynn, Alex, and Brian for 15 minutes. We talked about anything and everything from the other shows we're going to, to working out. We were able to get the posters we bought at the festival signed by all three of them as well! We were center barricade for their set and Brian recognized me from the stage which was so cool. Meeting PVRIS at Life is Beautiful was the highlight of my year and probably my life.

Propeller: Why is The Ally Coalition important to you?

Samantha: The Ally Coalition is important to me because I feel it's necessary to make everyone feel included in all environments. When raising awareness for the LGBTQ community, we are bringing a sense of safety and belongingness to a crowd. Being an Ally means promoting equality between everyone and especially in today's day and age, that is extremely important.


Learn more about The Ally Coalition by visiting their profile on Propeller. Thanks to everyone who participated.


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