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Winner Recap: Be a Lizzo BIG GRRRL for the day in San Francisco

November 18th, 2022

Jennifer L. from Sacramento, CA was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Be a Lizzo BIG GRRRL for the day in San Francisco" that took place in November 2022. Below are some of Jennifer's highlights from the experience.

What does someone say when they are told that they are going to meet the beautiful and incredibly talented Lizzo? When I found out that I was selected as the winner and would have the chance to meet Lizzo, I could not believe it, it was a dream come true. It was even more meaningful that the goal was to bring awareness and raise money for the 3rd annual Juneteenth Give Back campaign. 

I invited my husband and two sisters along as we are all huge Lizzo fans. When we arrived in San Francisco, we stayed in an awesome hotel that was right in the heart of Union Square. There was so much to do and see and explore! We ventured into Union Square Friday night, had incredible food, and prepared ourselves for the awesome day that was to follow. We made matching Yitty, Lizzo's brand t-shirts and picked our favorite quotes from her songs to place on the shirts.

The day of the experience arrived and we were all so excited! We had no idea what to expect but we were ready for anything. We arrived at the stadium in the afternoon, were given Lizzo VIP badges, and were taken through a winding maze of corridors to the Lizzo Friends and Family room. We were treated to drinks, food, and candy while we waited.We were informed that two of the Big Grrrls (Lizzo's dance troupe) would be teaching us part of a dance and then we would get to attend soundcheck with Lizzo.

Our mouths hit the floor when Shirlene Quigley and Chawn(ta') Marie Van walked in! Shirlene and Chawn(ta') are two of the original Big Grrrl dancers and were so incredibly kind to us. They learned our names and very quickly found out that we were beginner dancers. We learned two 8 counts of "Good As Hell" and Shirlene and Chawn(ta') were incredibly gracious and amazing teachers. They broke down each move and really explained and modeled it to us. It was a wonderful experience! After we learned the dance we said goodbye and thank you to Shirlene and Chawn(ta') and waited for the soundcheck to begin.

After a few minutes of waiting and laughing about our lack of experience in dancing, we were ushered to the four seats that were set up by the stage. We watched the Big Grrrls practice some dance moves and the band came over and said hi to us. It was awe inspiring to see these beautiful women on stage dancing and playing instruments. Then the queen herself stepped out onto the stage and walked over to us. Lizzo was so kind and asked us our names and thanked us for participating in the Juneteenth campaign.

Lizzo then said she was "going to put on a show" for us! She invited us to the stage and set up our chairs at the end of the catwalk. We were sitting on the stage, in front of Lizzo! She sang "About Damn Time" while the Big Grrrls danced and Lizzo even brought out Sasha Flute and played the flute for a little bit. It felt like a dream. After the song was over, Lizzo invited us to dance the two 8 counts we learned from "Good As Hell'' on stage, while she sang and watched. She then brought over the microphone and let us sing the chorus. Watching Lizzo perform while sitting on the stage is one thing, but attempting to dance and sing in front of Lizzo while being on stage is another. I cannot even explain how amazing it was! We felt welcomed at every point of our experience. I know how much of a hassle it must have been to organize this for the four of us, but we appreciated every minute of it. When we finished the song, we took some group photos and then left the arena. We were all speechless at this point. I still cannot believe that it actually happened. 

We returned to the stadium a few hours later to enjoy the concert and, as expected, it was phenomenal! Latto opened for Lizzo and she was so fun and entertaining to watch while she performed. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Lizzo concert, please do it, you will not regret it. Lizzo is funny, kind, and knows how to work the audience. Her show was all about self-love and body positivity and I think we could all use a little of that in our lives.

This experience was better than I ever could have imagined and I wanted to thank everyone involved for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Propeller does a fantastic job of educating people about different charities, campaigns, and petitions. It is wonderful to get involved and potentially win a life changing experience doing so. Thank you again to Hannah and all the people at Propeller and Lizzo's team for giving us an unforgettable experience. 

- Jennifer L.