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Winner Recap: Win a Trip to See Fall Out Boy at Fenway Park in Boston

August 19th, 2023

Rebecca C. from North Carolina was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win a Trip to See Fall Out Boy at Fenway Park in Boston" that took place in August 2023. Below are some of Rebecca's highlights from the experience.

My husband and I had an absolute BLAST at the show. Since we got in late on Tuesday, we checked into our hotel (which was amazing, by the way,) dropped off our luggage, and went to walk around the city to find a nice local place for food and drinks. The weather was in the lower 60's which was a more-than-welcome change from the upper 90's we've had lately.

The day of the show, we woke up and ordered some local breakfast through DoorDash and took some time to relax, before getting ready and doing a little sightseeing before heading to Fenway. When we got to the outside of the stadium, local businesses were open and blasting 2000's alternative/rock and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little excited and feel like I was 13 again when I heard "The Taste of Ink" playing on the House of Blues speakers.

We found the line for VIP and anxiously awaited our check-in time. At 3:45, we were led inside to get our exclusive merchandise and wristbands, and from there we waited to tour the stage. Our tour guide was amazing and gave us some really cool facts about Fall Out Boy. We learned that they always play "Thriller" for sound check and I thought that was such a cool bit of information. When we got to the stage, we were able to see all of the sets that FOB would be using during the show. Honestly, I think the coolest thing to see in that moment was Bring Me the Horizon's guitars in their open trunk.

After we came down from the stage, we were released into the pit, but we headed for the VIP Lounge to cool down and get some drinks. Staff brought around hors d'oeuvres and before we knew it, the show was starting. To our surprise, we realized that we were actually familiar with one of Royal and the Serpent's songs. Up next was Four Year Strong. Talk about a blast back to my sunburnt Warped Tour Days. By this time, we'd made our way back down to the pit and eagerly awaited BMTH's entrance. They did NOT disappoint! Oli came out to the crowd during Drown and we were SO close to him. I wish their set had been a song or two longer. The pit really started filling in before FOB came on and my voice was already gone from screaming all of BMTH's songs. When Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy came out, it was SUCH a surreal moment. I cried a little and sang a lot. To finally see them live after being a fan for 17 years was such an amazing experience. I was a little disappointed that our Magic 8 Ball song wasn't Alpha Dog, but one of my all time favorites made it's debut when Patrick sat at the piano and played some of W.A.M.S. It was totally unexpected since they hadn't played it at any other show, but it was definitely the highlight of my night. We hated for the show to end. It's hard to even find the words to describe what an incredible experience it was. Really, all I can say is that two weeks later, my voice still hasn't fully recovered.

We are so, SO incredibly grateful for Propeller for giving us this amazing experience. I can't explain how blessed I felt on the trip and even now because of all the memories we made in those two days. As a bonus, I learned that, at 28, my body still gets sore being in the pit for hours on end. What can I say though, it was worth it and I'd do it again tomorrow, given the opportunity. I've recommended Propeller to so many friends in the last two weeks and we will continue to support them going forward. Their team has been an absolute dream, as has this experience! Thank you, Propeller!

- Rebecca C.