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Winner Recap: Win A Trip To Meet Incubus And Watch Them Perform Morning View Live At The Hollywood Bowl

October 22nd, 2023

Marla D. from Alaska was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win A Trip To Meet Incubus And Watch Them Perform Morning View Live At The Hollywood Bowl" that took place in October 2023. Below are some of Marla's highlights from the experience.

Talk about epic moments…

If you are reading this you maybe a die hard fan like me of Incubus. As a kid, I would wait up at night waiting to record Stellar on my cassette tape player to complete my mixtapes.

Since then, 25 years+, I've seen them nearly 10 times. The last time was been extra special. This time not only did I meet them but got to go ON STAGE. Life dream fulfilled. I had no idea what was happening it was so unreal.

Propeller is a website I stumbled across a few years ago when looking to go to the iconic red rocks to see them. Propeller allowed me to earn points by simply opening my mind and time to go learn about issues that we all care about. Mother Earth, poverty , women's rights and much more. Those points along with a small monthly donation added up to what was the best experience ever.

Fast forward six years later, after donating monthly through Propeller to the Make Yourself Foundation, I put in entries for the Hollywood Bowl experience. Honestly I had put in before to other little things but never won. So 7 days before the concert, I got a text and it was the most crazy text I'll probably ever get. I won.

Then, bam, I'm flying from Alaska, my home , to LA. I Spent time in a great hotel paid for and go to the concert where I listened to the pre jam session, did the meet and greet and got free tickets.

Free tickets are awesome. When I was in section K1, I was stoked. But right before the show I got a call. I thought it was a butt dail from the foundation, but it was not. Kim, the amazing director, called and told me to get to the stage as fast as I can.

I ran. The security stopped me adding to the dramatic run down the aisle straight toward the doors of the stage and Kim waving me on. When I saw her waiting for me at the end of the isle my heart was PUMPING. As she grabbed me, no explanation was needed. If someone is to ask how do you get me in a white van or kidnap me, know it's by telling me you are with Incubus.

She pulled me to a section off by the pit where I thought I was going, but the security guard stopped me to redirect me to the stage… my tears were welling up, body shaking. Overall the best high I could have ever had. I got to my spot right as the lights dimmed. When they turned back on Nice to Know You began. It was a rush.

I got to see the whole thing, Lizzo included, from right there. Even John David Washington was next to me jamming out to his first incubus concert. We sang together.

This is your sign. Go do good. Propeller changes lives. Let it change yours while you help change others. Raise awareness. Raise funds. Get rewarded. It's seriously that simple. After all ain't that what all the songs tell us.

They all talk about how we can be better. Do better. For each other. For ourselves. For the future. What are you waiting for? A certain shade of green? Go take action on Propeller.

- Marla D.