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Winner Recap: Win a VIP Trip To Meet Chappell Roan in Boulder, CO on The Midwest Princess Tour

April 24th, 2024

Aidan G. from Minnesota was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win a VIP Trip To Meet Chappell Roan in Boulder, CO on The Midwest Princess Tour" that took place in April 2024. Below are some of Aidan's highlights from the experience.

We had a nice early flight out of chilly Minneapolis, and arrived in Denver with all day to play. We hung out in Denver for a little while, enjoying some pork belly soup and soup dumplings on the 16th Street Mall downtown, found a Garage Sale Vintage store and bar to explore, and came upon a very intriguing advertisement. After some gentle suggestion, my bestie agreed to follow my more impulsive instincts and we ended up at Meow Wolf Denver.

A mixture between an all ages Children's Museum, your favorite video game if it was an immersive exhibit, and the House on the Rock in Wisconsin (If you know, you KNOW) - Meow Wolf: Convergence Station is an incredible experience. We spent 4 whole hours exploring, and I'll be honest - not only did I shut the place down, but I could have probably easily spent another several hours hanging out there. I am so excited to check out the other locations and I'm so happy that we stumbled upon this particular side quest.

We headed to Boulder in the dark, buzzing about our time on what felt like several other planets, and arrived at our hotel to check in. We hurried over to the hotel bar to secure some food to send up to our room before their kitchen shut down and we headed up to unpack. To our surprise and delight - we had a whole suite type situation, either a full living room space, microwave, and dining room table! Our dinner arrived and we watched a really awful movie until we both couldn't take it anymore and sleep came for the both of us.

In the morning, we woke up and were greeted with the gorgeous mountains of Boulder - my companion had a zoom call over breakfast and I took some time to relax and scroll a bit before getting ready and heading down to breakfast. The Embassy Suites had a to-order egg bar and a nice guy there to cook your eggs or omelets exactly the way you like. After breakfast we finished and reviewed the ending of the awful movie, and had a TedTalk level discussion about the levels of really bad the movie managed to achieve. Once we were both appropriately fired up, I went directly next door to the hotel where I had seen something interesting the night before. 

If there's one thing to know about me, it's that I'm a thrifty type of girl. I come by it honestly - my mom is the Thrift Queen. So if I see a thrift, I'm gonna wanna check it out. I ended up picking up a few things at this Goodwill in Boulder: A pair of cute jeans, a vintage Mickey Mouse backpack, and a little vintage tiger trinket. Afterwards, we headed out to explore Pearl Street Mall, and sneak a peek at the venue for the show later on in the evening. We see the girls already lined up for the show next to the venue - all dressed up in theme and already enjoying themselves. Boulder and Pearl Street were so cute and colorful in general - it was hard not to stop for photos everywhere. We visited a few more vintage shops for me, coffee shops for my bestie, and killed the time before we needed to start getting ready. 

We arrived back at the hotel and started the ritual of preparation - sheer fabrics, leather belts, sparkles and feathers, Glitter, GLiTtEr, GLITTER!! All of a sudden, it's time to retrace our steps and get back to the venue. We check in and hang out in front of the venue - it's golden hour and the venue is GORGEOUS! A 1920s/30s building with a sea foam and pink color scheme, complete with incredible art deco details throughout. I couldn't conjure up a more appropriate Pink Pony Club if I tried. Our girl gang came out to meet us and the whirlwind began: we took some photos outside, we did a little interview, and then we went inside and hung out on stage. 

Chappell was so sweet - we chatted a bit, I gave her a little gift, showed off my nails I designed for the experience, chatted about our shared birthday (!!!), took some photos together, and she even signed some merch for both me and my friend. She had such a crazy week: this particular show was the final show for the spring leg of her tour, she was performing at Coachella at the end of the week, and she had just released her mega hit single, "Good Luck Babe" the week prior. I feel super grateful to have been able to have this experience with her before she becomes the mega super star that we all know she will be. We scuttled over to grab some very delicious merch that I had been craving for a very very long time. Chappell put on an incredible show and we were right there front and center to H-O-T-T-O-G-O together - this also happened to be my bestie's first time being barricade at a concert and I'm so happy to have been able to facilitate that experience with her.

On our final day, I took some time to pack up while my friend had another breakfast meeting. We ventured back over to Pearl Street where my friend taught a yoga class in a very pretty alleyway while I obnoxiously took photos. We shopped around a bit more here and there and stopped for a quick Thai lunch before heading out to the airport. And with that, we had a lovely flight back to Minneapolis. 

Thank you so much Propeller! We had the best time ever! It was an unforgettable experience!

- Aidan G.