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Love Serve Remember Foundation
Love Serve Remember Foundation
About Love Serve Remember Foundation

The Love Serve Remember Foundation is dedicated to preserving and continuing the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass.

The foundation facilitates the continuation of these teachings through Web casts, Private Heart 2 Hearts with Ram Dass, online courses and e-books, Words of Wisdom, a vast Media Library, and a Social Network all available on

In addition, the Love Serve Remember Foundation sponsors retreats led by Ram Dass and featuring other esteemed spiritual teachers on Maui.

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Ram Dass 'Becoming Nobody' Trailer

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Take action and win a retreat on Maui with Ram Dass, Krishna Das & friends!

Gearing up for theatrical release in the Fall of 2019, 'Becoming Nobody' is a new feature length film that explores Ram Dass' life and teachings, using his poignant humor, personal anecdotes and foibles as the primary source of his timeless wisdom.

His authenticity and humanity invite us to step into our own messiness as a path to true presence and compassion, a notable contrast to a commodified Western spiritual culture so often laden with self-proclaimed gurus.

In 'Becoming Nobody', historic clips balance an engaging conversation with director Jamie Catto as we come to understand how our old roles and disguises become increasingly burdensome.

The film captures a loving man full of joy, wit, honesty and wisdom, at ease in conversation while sharing his considerable pains and pleasures. The life experiences that have freed Ram Dass from the attachments of his 'Somebody-ness' have transformed him into the radiant soul who now inspires a new generation.

We are raising $100,000 in order to bring this groundbreaking film to a new demographic of seekers through theatrical release in the Fall of 2019, and we'd love to have your support! 

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