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Calling All Crows
About Calling All Crows

Calling All Crows partners with musicians and fans to create change through hands-on service and activism specifically focused on women's rights.

Founded by musician Chad Stokes (State Radio, Dispatch) and tour manager Sybil Gallagher, Calling All Crows works for a future where the success of live music is measured not only by ticket sales, but by the impact of fans and musicians mobilizing for social change to improve the lives of women around the world.

Through musicians and music-centered events, we inspire music fans to respond to women’s issues by raising awareness, taking action, and collectively working for social change. Since December 2008, Calling All Crows has raised over $550,000 and invested more than 30,000 hours of service in local communities across North America and Europe.

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An Open Letter to the Music Industry



Michael Rapino (President & CEO, Live Nation), Dan Beckerman (President & CEO, AEG), Joe Berchtold (President, Live Nation), Nadia Rawlinson (Chief HR Officer, Live Nation Entertainment), Mark Campana (COO, US Concerts, Live Nation Entertainment), Bob Roux (President, US Concerts, Live Nation Entertainment), Rick Mueller (President - North America, AEG Live), Jay Marciano (COO, AEG; Chairman/CEO, AEG Presents), Paul Tollett (President, Goldenvoice), Pasquale Rotella (Founder & CEO, Insomniac Events), Steve Levine (Partner Worldwide Concerts, ICM Partners), Rob Prinz, (Partner Worldwide Concerts, ICM Partners), Gary Richards (President, North America, LiveStyle).

We're writing today to ask for your collaboration in making shows and festivals safe from sexual harassment and assault. The live music scene and the industry itself, need your help to pave the way forward.

Far too often, the live music experience is tainted by this pervasive problem. Music fans want to listen to music. Maybe dance, maybe not. Have a beer. Take our minds off the stress of work, family, politics. To be in community with others. Maybe to make a new friend, maybe to keep completely to ourselves. Music industry professionals want to put on a good show. To do our jobs. Harassment, discrimination, and assault cannot be tolerated. No longer can we ask fans to choose between live music and sexual violence, and industry professionals to find other work.

What policies do you have in place to protect your music fans and industry employees from discrimination, harassment, and physical violence? How are these policies communicated and carried out? We want to know what training employees receive to identify potentially harmful behaviors and safely intervene? How do you support them in carrying out this training in challenging situations, like those involving people in positions of power?

You are uniquely positioned to create large-scale change in the music industry and to lead the way in creating safer live music experiences and work environments. We want to learn about what you're already doing and how you plan to continue improving, including implementing and clearly communicating effective policies; providing training to all employees on how to identify and safely/effectively intervene in potentially harmful situations; and more. You can find additional resources at

Signed with hope for a stronger industry,

Chadwick, Calling All Crows, and the undersigned music fans and industry professionals:
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