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5 Feminist Organizations Changing The World

Jan 9th, 2017

In case you haven't heard, girls run the world. Beyonce knows it and these feminist organizations know it too. Although many believe feminism to be a dirty word, it is simply the belief that the genders should be equal. Checks out what each of these amazing campaigns are doing to help our world reach gender equality and what you can do to help them get there.


1. Free the Nipple

It's not a nipple thing; it's an equality thing. That's what the Free the Nipple campaign comes down to. This grassroots movement is not a parade of women showing off their breasts for fun; it's just the opposite. The Free the Nipple movement aims to end censorship and sexualization of the female body through publicity stunts and protests. These stunts bring national attention to the fact that many women can not breastfeed in public, either due to state law or because they feel too ashamed to do so because of societal pressures and discrimination. The issue can only be solved if people know that the issue exists and Free the Nipple is making sure of that. Check out what FTN is up to next and how you can get involved here.   


2. Happy Period

Periods, where every month you lose large quantities of blood from your vagina while your uterus implodes with pain, as you hate-eat a tub of ice cream. Let's face it, there's nothing happy about periods. Happy Period knows that, which is why they supply homeless women and others who need them with period products. Homeless women do not always have access to pads or tampons because they are not free despite the fact that they are a medical necessity. Happy Period's menstrual hygiene kits come complete with pads, tampons, extra underwear, wet wipes and more. Periods suck; not having the tools to deal them sucks even more. Thankfully Happy Period aims to make periods a smidgen happier. You can learn more about the cause and donate to HP here



3. Creating Consent Culture

In case you didn't know, you need to ask the cutie before you touch their booty. Consent is not circumstantial; it is mandatory. As more and more rapes occur in the U.S. the issue of sexual consent is becoming a hotbed topic, as it should be. Creating Consent Culture is an international organization that aims to educate the masses on the importance of consent through holistic healing, social media initiatives, and educational events. CCC also aims to open a Healing Temple, which would be a safe space for survivors of sexual assault to find solace and support. You can find out about upcoming CCC events here and you can donate to the Healing Temple here


 4. Global Fund for Women

When it comes to the fight for international gender equality, Global Fund for Women is the most formidable name in the game. This public foundation partners with women's organizations and gender equality activist groups all over the world. Together they campaign against some of the most pressing issues that women are up against, such as: reproductive rights, economic independence, political empowerment, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Oh and they're killing it, they have helped millions of women gain rights in over 170 countries. Check out their website and donate to any of the 5,000 groups they are partnering with to help push our world a bit closer to equality. 



5. Lady Parts Justice

Using humor is one of the best ways to raise awareness of important issues and Lady Parts Justice has that strategy down to a 't'. Through comedy shows and various media initiatives, LPJ is using their wickedly smart brand of humor to get people to notice the critical state of reproductive justice affairs currently happening in the U.S. Their unique way of educating the masses has helped them complete numerous actions to give women sovereignty over their own bodies. Check out upcoming LPJ shows and events near you here.  


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