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GoFCCYourself: John Oliver Creates an Amazing Shortcut to Fight for Net Neutrality

May 9th, 2017

UPDATE: 1.6 million commments have been made! Watch the update from John Oliver on Last Week Tonight below:


Net neutrality is again in trouble in large part due to FCC chaiman Ajit Pai who is looking to chop FCC regulations and has stated net neutrality's "days are numbered." 

As John Oliver points out in his lastest Last Week Tonight episode, net neutrality is about more than speed of content on the internet. "At its heart is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs)[...] should not be able to engage in any sort of fuckery that limits or manipulates the choices you make online. It also helps ensure a level playing field so that big companies cannot undermine small companies before they can take off."

"Title II is the most solid legal foundation we have right now for a strong, enforceable net neutrality protections," Oliver explained.

But when Oliver noticed the government site to take a stand for net neutrality protections was obscenely complicated, he pulled a genius move by purchasing the redirect link and eliminating several cumbersome steps.

Oliver went on to urge action. "Every internet group needs to come together like you successfully did three years ago. Every subculture must come together as one." 

To that end, we are encouraging the Propeller community to join the fight for net neutrality, and made it even easier for you to take action.

All you have to is complete the steps below (literally takes 30 seconds or less).

When you finish, forward your confirmation email or send a screenshot of your submitted comment to [email protected] we'll award you 250 points.

Do it now, and if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and watch the segment from Last Week Tonight below.

  • Go to
  • Hit 'Express'
  • Fill out your info.
  • Comment telling Ajit Pai that you specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title oversight of ISPs (Or copy and paste "Dear FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by title oversight of ISPs.")
  • Hit submit and confirm.

*Please allow 24-72 hours for your points to post to your account. Double points will not be awarded to Propeller Premier Members.



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