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FCC Announces Plans to Destroy Net Neutrality

Nov 21st, 2017

Federal Communications Commision Ajit Pai Fed announced today the agency will vote to end net neutrality next month, potentially ending rules that give customers equal access to web content.

From the sounds of things, the proposal would leave the web without sort of protections at all. Many believe ending net neutrality will let internet service providers give preferential treatment to some websites, giving them power over what content consumers can access, and at what speeds - all the while leaving consumers susceptible to price gouging.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix, urged the FCC not to rescind the rules, arguing the lack of ISP options leave consumers with little choice. ACLU policy analyst Jay Stanley is also strongly opposed, “Gutting net neutrality will have a devastating effect on free speech online. Without it, gateway corporations like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T will have too much power to mess with the free flow of information.”

The vote takes place December 14th, but with a republican controlled FCC net neutrality rules have little chance at surviving.

Check out the full scoop over at the Verge.

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