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What We Stand For

May 2nd, 2019


Propeller exists to inspire activism and build movements for change.

Our Approach

"Charity" needs to be reimagined. 

As the scale of the world's problems continue to grow, and the government becomes increasingly broken, we put more and more trust in nonprofits to help solve them. 

But in a time when old methods no longer work and innovation is what's needed most, we're relying on an industry that is forced to be risk-averse.

Regular businessnesses can spend whatever they want to hire talent and market their product to maximize their profits, all without scrutiny.

Nonprofits are expected to save the world, but are shunned for every cent they spend on "overhead".

So Propeller flips this idea on its head by being an unabashed for-profit company whose success is based solely on the scale in which we help nonprofits and causes connect with supporters and create real, lasting change.

We believe that those using their social platform for good should be celebrated. And that includes you, as a member of our community. 

We want people and businesses to put their best efforts into changing the world. That's why for every action you take, and the greater impact you make, you're rewarded on Propeller.

We're creating a culture where social influence is used for creating measurable impact, not likes. And a company that can take advantage of the same methods as a corporation, while operating with the transparency and accountability of a nonprofit.  

Being an active citizen is essential for a healthy democracy, and real change is only possible when it comes from the many and not the few. We hope that Propeller makes that idea more accessible for all.

Thanks for joining us.

What We Stand For


We understand that time is running out to address climate change and make a just transition to a more sustainable society.


We support openness, accountability, and transparency from government and leaders and believe that democracy works best when every eligible voter is able to and does cast a vote.


We can imagine a world where kids can go to school without fear of being shot. Common-sense gun laws like background checks just make sense. The amount of senseless gun violence that happens in the US has to stop. We can and must do better.


People are people. We are working to create a society where LGBTQ people receive basic equal rights and are able to be open, honest, and safe at home, work and in their communities.


We believe that diversity only makes us stronger. And when the government has the power to deny legal rights and due process to one vulnerable group, everyone's rights are at risk. You can't have justice for all without justice for immigrants.


We see racism and inequality as systemic issues that have to be actively addressed at the institutional level in a way that cut across society. Democracy only works when all people are treated equally.


There's a mental health crisis. It's time to get serious about how we address mental health issues and that starts with making it safe for people to have an open conversation about their challenges. One in five Americans suffer from mental health issues. Many of them never reach out for help. We know that has to change.


Women's rights are human rights. There is no place for violence, discrimination, and institutional barriers for women in the US.


Investments in the power of science and research to find cures for some of the most terrible diseases facing humankind are essential. As are investments in personal health and well-being.