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Winner Recap: Win a VIP Sad Summer Experience in Irvine, CA

August 20th, 2023

Leigh R. from Indiana was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win a VIP Sad Summer Experience in Irvine, CA" that took place in July 2023. Below are some of Leigh's highlights from the experience.

Thanks to propeller, a friend and I were able to fly to CA, stay at the Marriott Bayview, watch the Sad Summer fest from both a VIP area and in a seat close to the stage, win a signed guitar, a journey's gift card and meet my favorite band PVRIS! Words cannot describe this incredible experience.

When we landed, our first priority was food. We found a local place close to the beach called, "Wild Taco", which had the best burrito I have ever had. We shared a table with three other girls, one of which actually worked at five points, the venue for the fest, and said she may see us there. We then headed to the beach to hang out and enjoy the waves until we could check into the hotel.

The next day, we went to the outdoor pool area to hang out under the blue sky and palm trees, then had lunch at the hotel restaurant. After that we headed to the venue.

At the venue, we hung out in the VIP area and went out to our seats to watch PVRIS' set. The girl we met the day before was working and led us to our seats. During their set she came back up to me and asked if I wanted to go into the pit for them. I eagerly said yes and she led us through. I was so taken in by their set, and nervous about the meet and greet, that I completely forgot to thank her! I feel really bad about it and didn't even get her name. So if by any chance she's reading this, thank you so much for making my day even more special.

After their set we met up with Chelsea, our on-site contact, who led us backstage and to PVRIS's door. I got to meet Lyndsey from PVRIS, who is very sweet and very nice. We hung out, chatted for a bit, and took a few pictures. I had met her and Brian before, back in 2021, but Covid restrictions were still high, so we were masked, and she was on vocal rest. I know these things were 100% necessary, but it was very nice to meet again this way. She said she remembered the sticker I gave her which said, "you are beautiful." And the shirt I wore. She signed the last meet and greet photo for me and else parted with a hug. I also gave her a note letting her know how much she and PVRIS meant to me, and how much I respect her. I knew I would be way too nervous to remember. After the meet and greet, Chelsea met me again with the guitar signed by all of the bands!

It was truly an amazing experience, and I am very thankful to propeller, journey's, all of the bands in the sad summer fest, and Pvris.

- Leigh R.