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About Music Minds Matter

We've lost too many of our favorite musicians due to mental health issues.

Confidential and free of charge, Music Minds Matter is the music industry's most comprehensive mental health support line and service that is available around the clock to anyone that is struggling to cope in the music industry. Anyone who gets in touch with Music Minds Matter can speak to trained staff receive emotional support and advice, access to counseling, therapy, advice on debt, benefits and legal issues -- and even access to grants.

Music Minds Matter is reaching out to the US with its message and has a partnership with Give an Hour, the US based non-profit organization behind the '320 Changes Direction' campaign in collaboration with Talinda Bennington.

Through the partnership with Give An Hour, a portion of all funds donated by supporters like you will be used to change the culture around mental health, so that not just those in the music industry, but their fans and all of those in need are more easily able to seek and receive the help that they deserve.

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