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About Brady

We're uniting Americans from coast to coast, red and blue and every color, to combat the epidemic of gun violence.

In Congress, in the courts, and in communities across the country, Brady can be counted on to be there for all victims of gun violence, leading the fight for a safer country for all of us.

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Yes! I think we should expand background checks to all gun sales!


Many people obtain their guns at a gun show or through the Internet where private sellers do not have to complete a Brady background check. One in five gun sales takes place without a background check, and over 90% of all Americans support expanding Brady background checks to all gun sales.

By signing below, I agree that I want there to be a background check on every gun sold and believe those convicted of gun crimes, assault, or domestic violence should no longer be able to purchase guns without passing a background check, no loopholes and no exceptions.

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