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Winner Recap: Win A VIP Experience To Meet The National In Denver And Watch Soundcheck

August 21st, 2023

Madeline N. from Colorado was the winner of the Propeller experience to "Win A VIP Experience To Meet The National In Denver And Watch Soundcheck" that took place in August 2023. Below are some of Madeline's highlights from the experience.

It was the best weekend and we are so grateful for the opportunity. A dream come true for real!

The hotel was awesome. Such a neat place considering it used to be some type of school. It had some really neat features, great service, and overall very accommodating.

We were able to use our gift card for all the Uber rides, which was extremely helpful so we didn't have to drive or find parking.

Some highlights from the concert experience were:

  • How friendly and accommodating everyone on the National's team was. They welcomed us right in and shared in the excitement of the entire experience. It seems like they have an excellent team who are all really passionate about the work they do and love the music.
  • We got to talk to their manager, Eric, who stood next to us during the soundcheck, answered questions, and introduced us to everyone around. He was a really neat guy.
  • The soundcheck was a major highlight. We got to see some spoilers on the changing set list before they performed them, which was very intimate and felt special. I loved listening to the live music in an empty room, it changes how you appreciate things. I knew they were amazing musicians, but this confirmed it. It was also neat to see them rehearse some unreleased music, too.
  • Meeting them was very surreal. They were very kind. Each member of the band introduced themselves to us and asked us questions. It was so cool to see the band up close after admiring them for so long, they are real people with some amazing musical talents. We got a picture with everyone, which we'll cherish forever.
  • The merch package was awesome. It had everything we could have wanted and more.
  • The concert was absolutely phenomenal. We have seen them perform before, but this time felt even more special. Plus, we had a really cool view from the balcony in the "friends and family" section.

Overall, the entire experience was so crazy and so cool! Still trying to wrap my head around it, but we really did have the best time.

- Madeline N.